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Shoshone's Bear River Massacre Site Saved 2003

On March 24, 2003, with the help of the Trust for Public Land (TPL) Tribal Lands Program, and the American West Heritage Center (AWHC), twenty-six acres of the Bear River Massacre site were donated back to the Northwestern Band of Shoshone Nation.
AWHC initiated the project after completing, with tribal leadership, the planning and design of a cultural and interpretive center at AWHC to help the tribe tell its story. The 26-acre site is in the Bear River Valley, near Preston, Idaho which itself is just north of the Utah-Idaho border. The site is comprised of two parcels, one of 19 acres and the other 7 acres, which TPL purchased privately.

"The massacre site is a sacred and holy spot because the bodies of the Shoshone were never buried, but were left to the wolves and the coyotes to devour. Therefore, it is good that it is finally being recognized and preserved. It is wonderful that the Trust for Public Land is helping save this land."
Brigham Madsen

The Trust for Public Land, established in 1972, specializes in conservation real estate, applying its expertise in negotiations, public finance, and law, to protect land for people to enjoy as parks, greenways, community gardens, urban playgrounds, and wilderness. TPL has taken the lead as a national conservation organization to develop a tribal lands program, which will restore to tribes the ownership of lands that contain significant cultural, historical, and natural resource values. Across the nation, TPL has helped protect more than 1.4 million acres.

"This is sacred land to us. It is the burial ground of our ancestors and it is deeply satisfying to have it protected,"
Bruce Parry
Northwestern Band Shoshone
Executive Director

"We've waited many years for this to happen, our dreams have become a reality today."
Gwen Davis
Northwestern Band Shoshone
Tribal Chairwoman


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