NWB Shoshone Housing Authority
About the Housing Authority
NWBSN Housing Authority, Inc. Is looking for qualified candidates for our home purchase program. We currently are accepting applications for the Pocatello ID and Ogden UT. These homes are not low income and have assumable mortgages on them.
Income must be enough to afford the rents and all utilities. Rent are $650 to750 per month and require a purchase within one year of leasing. Home Owners Assistance is available on only these homes. Tribal Members have preference. Background Check and Credit Check is required on all adults over 18 years of age in household.

Please contact Cale Worley @ 435-723-3014 for more info.
Email: housing@nwbshoshone.com for application.
Low Income Rental
The mission of the NWBSNHA is to provide affordable high quality housing (subject to budgetary restrictions and established policies), promote, enhance, and perpetuate self-sufficiency for the NW Shoshone people and other Native Americans living within the Housing Authority jurisdiction.
Home Ownership
Home ownership is a goal of the Housing Authority for NWBSN tribal members and other eligible recipients. The Housing Authority will educate and counsel any prospective homeowner as they become qualified to purchase a home.

Enrolled member of the Northwestern Band of Shoshone Nation
Enrolled tribal members of other tribes are eligible for the HUD Section 184 loan guarantee program with in NWBSNHA jurisdiction
Renters of NWBSNHA-LIR homes must be current with an on time payment history Prospective home buyers must attend a Housing Authority sponsored workshop
Credit criteria must be satisfied
The Housing Authority will assist with down payment and closing costs for qualified NWBSN tribal members.

Education and Counseling
Selecting the right house
Programs for home buyers
Assist in qualifying the home buyer
Removing barriers preventing qualification
Long term commitment
Home upkeep and maintenance
Resale restrictions
Home Rehabilitation
Two programs for rehabilitation
Bureau of Indian Affairs - Housing Improvement Program (BIA/HIP)
1998-1999 - $75,000, 4 houses (exteriors)
2003- $60,000, 4-5 houses (interiors & exteriors)
1999-2000 - 11 houses (exteriors)
2001 - LIR rehab (whole house - duplex)
2002-2003 - continue 11 houses (interiors)
Whole house rehabilitation
Selected rehabilitation
Emergency repairs
Handicapped accessibility
Energy conservation
Types of Rehabilitation
Foundations and general structural integrity
Exterior walls and windows
Porches and steps
Electrical wiring
Plumbing systems
Heating facilities
Kitchen facilities
Interior floors, walls, and ceilings