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The purpose for the Northwestern Band of the Shoshone Nation (NWBSN) Tribal Environmental Protection Office page is to provide community outreach to the members of the tribe and the general public. Additionally, this web site will provide updated information about the environmental protection activities of the Tribe’s Tribal Environmental Protection Office (TEPO) and useful environmental information that will be informative to members of the tribe and others. Links will be provided to additional information about the environmental protection of the NWBSN in quarterly newsletters. Additional links will be provided to other web sites that can provide technical and relevant environmental information for the user, such as, the Environmental Protection Agency, Region 8.

Tribal Environmental Protection Office Quarterly Newsletters (click on date to open)

First Quarter 2015

Second Quarter 2015

Third Quarter 2015


  Brigham City Tribal Office
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Phone: 800-310-8241
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505 Pershing Ave Suite 200
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Phone: 208.478.5712 | Fax: 208.478.5713
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